I´m grateful to Marisol for be in my family life.   I´m grateful with you Marisol  because you all ways help and my family no matter what . I give you thanks for take care of my and my brothers and sister when we are alone. I hope you get double for all the money you spent in my family problems .


You help us in many ways.  You help my mom when  she have a car crash .  You take care of us when my mom was sheack . You pay a lot of the money when why have many bills.

remote learning

I think remote learning is difficult for some people.  It is really difficult for visual learners like me. I’m thinking that some people cant put attention cause they have problem’s in home. I  might said is hard to put attention for people that they don’t put attention in class now imagine in online classes.

Visual learners think online classes are difficult.  It Is confusing for the visual learner. I´m confused with online classes. I´m a visual learning and is difficult for me sciences classes

there are some people that don´t put attention in class. people like me don´t put attention in class and i think online classes are more difficult to put attention because in my house we don´t have a moment of silence. some people don´t put attention in school because there are a lot of distraction in class now things how is in hes or shes house

there is a lot of distraction in online and in school. there is a lot of distraction in class be other people that don´t even care about they grades. is distracting to hear some on your house screaming. is hard for the most people that need personal help like me.

online classes are  really difficult  for me.the  visual learners are having problems with these new type of classes,  I have problems in my house that i can focus in class, and there are a lot of distractions. I really hope they can put more personal schools days



I will study to be a physician assist-ens.Job responsibilities.Skills and education.Job out look.

I will do my job responsibilities.I will help to diagnose people.I will like to educate patients.I will complete these primary care and emergency made cine and surgeries.

I will complete my education skills.I will get my masters degree.I will study 2 or 4 years of full time on postgraduate.I can complete 2 years of continuing education.

ob out look.I will make $108,610 dollars at year

School Name

I think we should name a school after Cesar Chavez. He fought against the unfair and the badly treated to grapes workers .He make his own organisation for all Latino immigrants  have right to vote.He was a non violent protester.

He fought against inequality


I think this is how the world can end. The world can end so fast. You see every one is doing what they want with the world like exploding all human resources like trees,animals,water and other things.We are burning  ourselves because 2019 was the hottest year. So imagine that there will be nothing left.

the 2020

In these year I will change my goals.I will try to pass all my classes. I will commit to my education.I will enjoy my free time.


I think I can pass all my classes,   first I can start putting attention on IXL classthese

These are my  goals. I will trye to pass my classes, commiti to my education and enjoy my free time.  I will never give up in these new goals


the life I have.my family. school.

the life I have. I’m happy. that I can be someone that everyone recognizes.to have fun in the school.

my family. that my family get’s bigger. be the best for them. put my hands on fire for my family.

school. that school prepares for life. that some times Im a loser . that they find  in a cool job and I can said tanks for teaching me  

world peace

I would stop bulling.I would save the slaves. I would report the abuse.

I would like to stop the bulling. I need to stop the bulling on the school’s.I never stay on silence. I can report the bulling

I will try to stop slavery on the world. we need to help slaves. we can give food to slaves. find every slave on the world.

Do not stay on silence report the abuse. I will put people on jail.we can hep moms an kids.every one can help with they needs

Resultado de imagen para la paz mundial


nature walk

I was on a nature walk. I was on a creek. I see animals. there was plant’s in there .

There was a lot of trees.I see a lot of frogs on the water. I didn’t  find many snakes

I find plant’s with poisonous. I see some of the plant’s are very beautiful. There was again the ugly plants

The birds were flying by all the creek. The water have a lot of weird fishes. I see some of big spiders eating little insects

I want go again on the  nature walk.  there was different animals on the plants in the creek that way the creek is relaxing